Alabama's Greater Birmingham Humane Society employees.........were pivotal in the demise of this Birmingham /
Jefferson County area Doberman puppy mill.  The shelter supervisor later related to us that the puppy mill existed
in an extremely remote area.  The society's supervisor felt that she was very lucky to locate this site.

Upon her discovery she immediately summoned local authorities to request backup.  She further related the site
was squalid and involved a total of 31 Dobermans.

Whelping boxes were numerous and readily apparent.  The adults were housed, running loose in a gutted mobile
home.   The dogs were fed by a singular dumping of food on the floor of the structure.

Each dog fought for his share of food, the weaker, younger males showed signs of malnourishment, such as rickets.

Further investigation revealed this puppy miller often misrepresented themselves to the community as "Doberman

This is how we believe "Taylor" came to their possession, as Taylor knows all about fetch and he is obedient with
basic commands and eager to please.  He is cautious and slow to warm with strangers,   Taylor adores his foster
parents, where he will remain.

Taylor and his
foster mom !