Catron Photography
I do appreciate the time you dedicated to finding me the perfect companion.   Lisa, Orange Beach Alabama
Cocoa, we love her very much, she is well-mannered, house trained and a loyal companion.  If we could
just chihuahua).    Thank you for trusting me with one of these angels.  
Liza Catron  Atlantic Beach
Smilin' Jack (formerly Silvio)  He is doing very well.  What a good boy - absolutely no bad habits. I'll try to
get a good picture of him smiling.    
Cheryl Orlando
Blue Tahlia (aka Jasmine) is such a sweetie, she loves to play with her floppy toys. rope and anything with
a squeaker.  Hope you are doing well and we can never thank you enough for your help in bringing our
new family together.    
 Michelle, Melbourne Florida
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Beau. He is so sweet. Everyone loves him. My family says he's
the best Dobie we've had yet. What a nice disposition and personality. He is so good. Walks without a
leash and stays right next to me.   
Captain Kevin  Cameron  Jacksonville
Emmie Is SO MY "Heart"!!! I Could NOT Love Her More!!! (I Know She Feels The Same!!!) Ask Her, LOL! I
Would Love To Do What You Do, However I Don't Have The Emotional Strength! I Applaud You! You Are
THE Best!... We Love You Judy!... Emmie, and Dennis,and Every Other Life You Have Made Whole! She
is My Therapy Dog!  
Dennis Henderson  Birmingham
Jazzy is wonderful and so social at the dog park, his biggest pet peeve is squirrels that he loves to chase.
I can't thank you enough for this lovely addition to my family.  
Justin in Tallahassee
Rusty is doing fine he is so loveable and Pandora is crazy about him. You made a good match.
Thanks again,
Roxanne in Pensacola
I hope this finds you doing well. This is the 3 year old Doberman we adopted locally and he has settled-in
over the past few months. He does great at doggie day care and I have told several people how nice and
helpful you were when we were looking to adopt last year. I will continue to sing your praises; I just wanted
to thank you again for being so helpful during such a bad time in our life.
Best Regards, Jerry in Atlanta     
The rescue service you provide is enormous.  You should be very proud.   You are truly an angel.              
Karen D.
His head is in my lap or on the key board while trying to type this. And he is hovering ! What a Great
 Carrie in Lutz FL