Cora has had a really rough start, but she has
tons of Dobie fans  to make sure we find an
appropriate place for her now.  She's been
neglected and often tied to a tree, shot at and
has the remains of two bullets in her jaw.   
Three rescue veterinarians including a
veterinary surgical specialist have all tended to
Cora recently, and all agree she will need some
extra dental awareness as time goes on, but
nothing can be done to actually repair the left
side of jaw.    She is a very happy 73 pounds,
and eats well even with the jaw slippage, she
loves treats and all people.  Currently Cora has
a job with receptionist foster mom, she goes to
work with foster mom everyday she loves to
greet the customers and is a true breed
ambassador for the Dobermans.   Highly
detailed digital images of skull and teeth are
avail on Cora.  She is also featured on the SND
page for special case, please see the GF SND
page for donations to help us with Cora's care.   
 Please write to
for adoption application.  Fostered in mid-town