Demodectic mange could have cost this young and charming
dobie boy his life.  Demodectic mange is often passed to the
next generation at birth.  Humane euthanasia would have
seemed the best option.  Dedicated shelter worker Rene
Skipper at Dothan Alabama Animal Services contacted
regional Doberman Rescues to see it there could be any
help for Zoozie.

The tearful young mom related to Rene that she couldn't
manage or finance Zoosie's skin condition any longer.  The
two year old Zoosie had been turned into the municipal
shelter from its frustrated owner, a young mother of two small
Dogs with a susceptibility to Demodectic mange mites should
never be bred and sold to unsuspecting owners.  Also adult
dogs that later become immunologically stressed and
possibly malnourished can be susceptible to the demodex

At the time of rescue, Zoosie also had a bacterial skin
infection that was secondary to the demodex.  The odor was
terrible. The hairless picture accompanying this story was
taken two weeks into treatment.   

The second picture was taken after 8 months at rescue.   
Zoosie eventually re-grew plenty of healthy hair follicles.  A
beautiful black coat emerged.

Kind donations made it possible for us to save Zoosie, his
foster mom, Judy, later added to his name...... Zoosie Zoo.   

Adoptive mom, Jean of Crystal River, Florida was thrilled to
become the forever home recipient of this handsome and
extremely loving dober gent.