Libby's twisted legs are thought to have been caused from malnutrition during
puppyhood, possibly a lack of necessary nutrients during gestation also?

Libby came to our attention from a Jacksonville Florida animal shelter...
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Long time Doberman advocate Kim Todd of Chipley Florida. discovered the emaciated
black and tan female at a west Florida shelter.  Transport was quickly arranged from the high
kill facility to Doberman pincher Rescue at North Florida near Tallahassee...
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Demodectic mange could have cost this young and charming dobieboy his life. Demodectic
mange is often passed to the next generation at birth.  Humane euthanasia would have seemed
the best option....
Cara the Doberman
Zoozie the Doberman
The roommate stated Ruthie's owner was incarcerated.  It's hard to imagine that Ruthie's
inability to eat efficiently began at the shelter, but the enlarged esophagus went undiagnosed until
Dobie-Rescue volunteer Mary Ellen secured Ruthie from the shelter in mid November.   
Ruthie's weight had plummeted to 38 pounds.
Ruthie the Doberman
Libby the Doberman