Hi Judy,

I just wanted to give you an update.  George is such a wonderful
addition to our family!  We love him so much!!  I opened a
boutique a year ago, when my youngest started college and
would not have done it or moved into my building if George
couldn't be with me. He is the "manager" of the shop.  I have
people come in just to see him.  He is such a good boy and he
REALLY LOVES children.  

I hope all is well and thank you again for my best buddy George.

Sherry G.
George is my best pal, he is the most loving dog I have
ever had. He still comes to work with me everyday and our
holiday cards had George on them.  When customers
come in and George is no at the shop, they get so upset.
He is just as much of the shop as I am.

Thanks so much.