Located near Tallahassee, Maria has an exceptional temperament.   Loves to be near you,
perfect house companion, she recently delivered a litter of mix puppies, she and her puppies
were dumped at an animal shelter.   Maria is still recovering from a complicated spay
procedure, but she is doing great and her stitches will be removed soon.

ADOPTED!! Dedicated EMS First Responders have joyfully accepted the crippled
Maria as their Forever doberman.
Famed Valdosta Doberman Breeder, Valmar Kennels is listed on the pedigree certificate for
training and tons of love. She's confused about being at rescue and just doesn't know what to
do with herself. Sweet and gracious temperament. Spayed by rescue and current on all

ADOPTED!! Wonderful, young, loving couple ready for their Forever doberman
provide a great home for Valmar's Daisy in St. Petersburg, Florida.
So sweet, butter just melts.....very unassuming, quiet, well behaved dobergent. Named for his
"V" shaped ears that were cut but were never trained to stand. Vinny is crate trained, and
very agreeable with everyone. He doesn't even bark, he sort of coo's at you instead. Foster
home is located at Tallahassee.

ADOPTED!! Paulette French of French Logging Panama City,  Florida was thrilled to
find Vinny. Her other dobie love did not like to ride in her log truck.
'Whistlin Dixie' is a recent contributor to this young boys pedigree. Famed Valdosta Doberman
Breeder Valmar Kennels is there too with sire 'Valmar's No Kandu'. Lovely temperament and
famed good looks, Rebel has natural ears and was born in March of 2006. Needs leash
training and tons of love. Neutered at rescue and now current on all vaccinations.

ADOPTED!! Renamed Toby. Fabulous, long time doberman aficionado, recognized the
Valmar name and couldn't wait to make this boy part of her family.
Sweet rescue animal, loves to be near you, and loves the couch too. Very well house trained,
leash trained and just exceptionally good with everyone. Perfect family dog or good with the
grandchildren. Charlotte is fostered in near Tallahassee in Marianna.

ADOPTED!! Wakulla County area builder, Allen Middlebrooks and family, were happy
to have Charlotte join their family.
This long time resident is seeking her Forever home. Shelby is being fostered in Tallahassee.

ADOPTED!! Forever home in Enterprise, Alabama with her new family Brian, Melissa,
Abigail and Elizabeth who love her very much!
Neutered and current on all vaccinations. Milo is fostered in Tallahassee. Very young, high
energy, exceptionally sweet temperament.

ADOPTED!! Loving new adoptive dad, Jim at Fort Sumter, Georgia.
Staffordshire bull terrier. Exuberant for life and tons of fun. Penny is quite a character. She
is crate trained, house trained and leash trained. Loves to eat and horde all the chew toys.
She eye. Penny will be about 28 pounds when full grown. She has been spayed, current on
all vaccinations, also current on her heart guard. Penelope loves people and claiming the
front porch as her own while she waits for her Forever folks to show up. Penelope is
fostered in Tallahassee, Fla.

ADOPTED!! Forever home, Jacksonville, Florida.
LEXIE is 9 months old and came to doberman rescue through the Greater Birmingham
Humane Society in Alabama.   She is currently fostered near Birmingham, but she has a ride
to north Florida if/when needed.   Lexi is spayed, and current on all vaccinations.  Sweet,
attentive and very loving, Lexie is looking for her perfect Forever home.

ADOPTED!! Lehigh Acres/Sarasota, Florida.
Misty's mom died of cancer and the neighbors sent her to rescue. She is beautiful and
sweet, loves to be near you. Approx. 3yrs old, Misty has been spayed at rescue and is
current with all vaccinations.

ADOPTED!! Forever home 18 acre hay farm Sneeds, Florida.
Zoey came to us from a panhandle Florida shelter. She stole all our hearts very
quickly. Rescue mom Kim found out that Zoe loves mud puddles, the bigger the better
splash, and she loves to outrun all the boy dogs on a full charge to the barn. Such a
special gift, this Zoey dobiegal has so many ardent admirers, it will be difficult to know
how best to preserve our memories of this never ending charmer.

Hospice care provided. Doberman supermom, Linda, near Tampa, Florida.
The Realtor sent Miss Coco to rescue, apparently the tenants left her behind in the
utility room, Coco had terrible skin lesions from being left like this without access to
outdoors. But somehow she survived and has been an incredible joy to have at
rescue. Sweetheart senior doberlady is agreeable to everyone and just so happy to
be rescued in Tallahassee. Luckily the Realtor knew her name. Coco was already
spayed and is now current on all vaccinations. Still after much testing, Coco is still
primarily bald along her back.

Hospice care provided. Doberman Supermom, Linda, near Tampa, Florida.
Black and Tan with cut standing ears. Sweet and attentive. Recently neutered.
Please write to me!

ADOPTED!! Argos' K-9 Academy of Inverness, Florida was over joyed to
bring the young Rev, now known as Akela, into their loving doberman
Buck's owner died and his family could not keep him. He weighs 90 pounds and is
very happy to be at rescue. House trained and very friendly.

ADOPTED!! By a wonderful doberman aficionado, Susan, of Panama City
Beach, Florida.
Sweet and pleasant fellow, wants to be near you. Prefers low light outings.
House trained, crate trained, loves to eat. Neutered and Up to date on vaccs

ADOPTED!! His name has been changed to Blue because of his great
blue eyes. Blue is living comfortably in Valdosta, Georgia with mom,
Lisa and dad, Art.
Fabulous blue Dobie boy approximately two years old. Obedience trained with
exceptional temperament. He is house and crate trained. He has natural ears
with a docked tail. Up to date on all of his shots and is heartworm negative.

ADOPTED!!  Manhattan Doctoral couple relocated to Florida with glowing
recommendations from the New York Grey Hound Rescue. Bogart has a
wonderful forever home indeed.
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