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The Doberman Pinscher Club of America it's board of directors has set forth
guidelines for Doberman  Rescuers.

1. Potential adopters will be assessed by utilizing a combination of written
application, home visit, checking vet references, telephone interviews,
face-to-face interviews,and personal reference checks, as appropriate,
appropriate to the Doberman breed and specifically appropriate to each
individual Rescue Doberman's needs.

2. Doberman Rescue is a non-profit endeavor.  Rescue work is voluntary
and not performed to profit any individual or group.

3. Rescue Dobermans will not be bred.  Spaying or neutering will be done to
all dogs before adopting them to new owners.

4. Albino Dobermans will be rescued in the same way as any other
Doberman of an allowed color.  The Adopter will be educated concerning
the health problems related to albinism.  The adopter will be encouraged to
educate others that express an interest in owning an albino Doberman.

5. Rescue Dobermans will be housed in safe, humane, sanitary conditions
and to provide Rescue Dobermans with appropriate food, clean water and
shelter.  Utmost attention will be given to the emotional needs of the
Dobermans in the Rescue Program.

6. Necessary veterinary care and appropriate routine veterinary care for
inoculations, heart worm testing, administration of heart worm
preventative, treatment for intestinal parasites, and emergency care.
Appropriate medical care will be provided and training towards the goal of
putting each dog in the best possible condition for a permanent adoption.

Dobie-Rescue North Florida, Inc. relies heavily on the kind hearts at several
veterinary establishments primarily:

Dr. David Hale, Cross Creek Animal Clinic, Tallahassee, Florida
Dr. Michelle Duval, Monticello, Florida
Dr. Cleve Bridges, Riverside Animal Clinic, Donalsonville, Ga.
Dr. Bruce Donaldson, Animal Health Center, Enterprise, Alabama
Dr. Bob Snell, Ozark Animal Clinic, Ozark, Ala.
Animal Aide Society Tallahassee

7. Written adoption contracts will be used for each Rescue Doberman.

8. All relevant information will be disclosed that is known at the time of
placement or adoption regarding the health and temperament of each
Rescue Doberman.

9. Vicious or otherwise seriously temperamentally unsound dogs will not be
placed in an adoptive home.

10. Rescue Dobermans that are determined to be un-adoptable due to
serious health or temperament problems will be euthanized.  Rescue
Dobermans that are euthanized will be humanely euthanized by a
veterinarian or certified euthanasia technician and properly disposed of.  
Rescue Dobermans that are deemed un-adoptable due to serious health,
temperament, or other problems may be placed with a humane and
knowledgeable hospice care provider, when available.

11. Follow up care and advice is always available to adoptive homes and
potential adoptive homes by contacting

12. Dobermans adopted through Dobie-Rescue North Florida, Inc. are not
transferable to third parties per the adoption contract and return of the
Doberman is expected.
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