Two gaping fistula's
Molar teeth compromised through
the roots
Long time Doberman advocate Kim Todd of Chipley Florida. discovered the emaciated black and
tan female at a west Florida shelter.  Transport was quickly arranged from the high kill facility to
Doberman pincher Rescue at North Florida near Tallahassee

Upon Cara's arrival at rescue, volunteers noticed what seemed a smell of death about Cara.
Veterinary attention was deemed immediately necessary.  Within the hour Dr. Hale DVM
discovered that Cara had two wooden sticks jammed in the upper palate of her mouth.  One had
been there long enough to permeate through the soft palate of the upper roof of the mouth and into
the nasal cavity.  The other stick was punctured into the gums over both back molars.  The sticks
were coated with debris and infection was evident.

Any food Cara ate was immediately expelled through her nose.  Dr. Hale had suggestions about how
to begin our attempts to feed Cara.  Foster mom, Mary Ellen made meatballs for Cara to swallow
whole.  Dog food manufacturer Innova/Evo donated their canned food to include in the meatballs so
Cara would have more nutrients.  Mary Ellen was innovative in using Gelatin to create soft food
cubes that were high in essential nutrients and easily swallowed whole by Cara.   

Two vets came together to assist Cara.  Dr. Hale of Cross Creek Animal Clinic in Tallahassee, Fl.
and Dr. Peak of Veterinary Dental Specialists in Tampa, Fl. The two veterinary doctors coordinated
the surgeries required to repair this extreme damage to Cara's upper soft palate.

Dr. Hale removed several teeth creating a graft area for the creation of the skin graft.  The skin flap
was later used by Dr. Peak in the subsequent surgeries to cover the gaping fistulas in Cara's mouth.  
Dr. Peak plans to write about the surgery at a later date.

Cara is now eating normally.  Cara became extremely attached to her rescuers.  Under MaryEllens
excellent care, Cara gained the much needed weight to sustain her through the surgeries.  

Cara still resides with second foster mom Linda near Tampa Fl.  Cara is still under Dr. Peaks care
and new pictures of Cara's mouth are scheduled.