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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Doberman Rescue and the Dobermans
that we are able to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-home.

Our mission is to attract and secure a "Safe Forever Home" for each rescue in our

To date in excess of 400 Dobermans have been cared for through the efforts of
Dobie-Rescue North Florida, Inc. near Tallahassee. The long time friends of the
rescue have made all the success possible.

They have shared their time and personal resources to the committed goal of
saving Doberman lives and the quest to locate loving forever homes.  

To each contributor of food, money, blankets, toys, crates and medical care the
Dobie kids are ever thankful.

Our Doberman SafeHaven has been the temporary home to many Dobermans
originating outside the state of Florida including Texas, South Carolina, Georgia,
Alabama and Louisiana.

In Alabama a Doberman puppy mill closure sent 19 Dobermans into our care in
one day on March 28, 2006.   All nineteen had been seized as evidence by the
Alabama authorities,  evidence of the squalid abusive puppy mill.

Proudly only one of the "Alabama 19" remains at rescue today.  Taylor, a large
black and tan male with flopped but cut ears may be in rescue forever.  Please
Taylor's page.

Judy Davis / Tallahassee
Dobie-Rescue North Florida, Inc.
501(c)(3) charitable organization
Originated Albany, Georgia animal shelter.
Forever home with the Brown family, Melbourne, Florida
Photo by Pam Douglas  Florida
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